US Farmers turn to the Internet

Associated Press is reporting that significant numbers of farmers are using on-line devices and the internet generally to manage whole aspects of their business in ways that were never imagined a few years, and gives a number of very specific and useful examples.

Farmers/ranchers are using on-line devices to improve productivity by speeding up their work flow and build and improve various agricultural farming techniques.

They are developing different ways to market and sell crops, be able to communicate better with both suppliers and new and potential customers,and to be able to comply with various regulatory requirements, both state and federal, in a more timely fashion.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, over fifty percent of farms in America can access the internet, something that has always been a problem in rural areas.

AP describes a how a particular farmer, Dan Errotabe, who farms three and a  half thousand acres just south of Fresno uses the internet.

One of the main uses is collecting and distributing key documents to various government bodies, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and customers.

He and his staff also email and texts to keep in contact with pest control advisors, and get updates on key factors affecting his industry, such as the weather and various crop prices.


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