Toro are one of the major producers of home and industrial machinery and tools. They are well known for their range of zero turn mowers, snow blowers, utility vehicles, lawn mowers and a wide range of power tools. They are also involved in a wide range of ancillary services such as soil sensors, seeders, synthetic turf equipment, tree care, aeration and cultivation etc.

Toro Snowblowers Specs and Parts

Toro Snowblower Specs

Toro make a number of snowblowers and a number of power snow shovels. These are either one stage or two stage snowblowers, and arepowered either by gasoline, electric or battery. Before determining which snowblower to buy, it is important to assess both the type of land it is to be used upon, and the approximate depth of snow that will need to be cleared on a regular basis.

Each Toro snowblower is specifically designed to be most effective when used in the correct conditions, and with proper maintenance and servicing can last a long time. Below are listed some of the main Toro snowblower models with links to more detailed information.

Toro Snowblower Parts

Replacement parts for any Toro Snowblower may be needed at any point in its lifetime, either as replacement parts in a routine service, because a part has become defective or simply because of old age!

Parts can normally be obtained either from Toro itself, or from a third party supplier.

Replacement parts made by another manufacturer are normally referred to as aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts should perform the same function as a standard manufacturer part, but will normally be cheaper.

If the Toro Snowblower is still under warranty, then it is likely to be part of the warranty conditions that manufacturer parts are used. A number of people also prefer manufacturer parts because there are specifically designed to be used with the appropriate snowblower.

Below are listed a number of main Toro Snowblowers and the various parts that are often required.

Toro Snowblower parts manual

Toro 521 Parts

Toro 3521 parts

Toro 524 parts

Toro 824 Parts

Toro 421 parts

Toro S200 parts

Toro 724 Parts

Toro Zero Turn Mowers

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