Toro Snowblower

Toro Snowblower

Toro a worldwide company making a wide range of agricultural products, and are a leading manufacturer of snowblower and snow clearance machines.

They have established a reputation for many years for making different types of snowblowers, all of which can handle different types of land, and different depths of snow.

Toro snowblowers have a reputation for being easy to use, easy to start, being able to match someone’s walking speed, providing good traction in different weather conditions.

Their machines are fully manoeuvrable and easy enough for anyone to handle, and at the same time can clear areas of snow with exceptional throwing distances through a fully integrated operator control system.

Toro Snowblower Parts

The availability and pricing of parts is an important consideration when buying any Toro snowblower either new or used. Parts are normally needed either if the machine doesn’t function properly, or when it needs to the serviced or maintained in any way.

If the snowblower is new, it is likely to still be under warranty, in which case it would be a condition of the warranty that manufacturers parts are used in any repair or servicing.

If not new, it is possible to buy a wide range of different parts for any snowblower, either online, through dealership or through private sale.

If buying online, it is really important that the correct parts number is identified prior to sale, specially as are a lot of similar sounding items available.

A complete list of all parts that are normally available for snowblowers can be found against each individual snowblower listed below.

The main categories of parts normally include items such as the engine, driveshaft, carburettor, wheels etc.

Toro 521 Snowblower

Toro 724 Snowblower

Toro  824 Snowblower

Toro S200 Snowblower

Toro 421 Snowblower

Toro 3521 Snowblower

Toro Snowblower Manual

Every new Toro snowblower should come with a manual, but if for any reason another one is needed they are normally fairly readily available. Mauals can often be obtained from the main Toro website by simply identifying the make, model and number of the machine.

A manual is crucial for a number of reasons. It carries extensive safety equipment, gives detailed instructions on how to assemble the server if it is being bought from new, and has extensive diagrams showing how parts can be fitted.

A manual should be studied when the machine is first bought, but also kept close to hand as a reference source when needed. The manual will also give important information about how to store the snowblower when it is not being used especially during summer months.

Toro Snowblower Repair / Wont Start

Users of a snowblower will normally have a number of questions relating to its operation, and normally have some common problems that need addressing. The most important is often that the machine won’t start.

The most important thing is to check the basics first. These include oil, gas and any safety features that are included to make sure the machine cannot be started inadvertently.

Once basics have been looked at, if the problem still persists, then the owner should consult the manual for further advice, followed by looking through the various snowblower forums online where it is highly likely they will find similar problems posted and solved.

If these do not deal with the problem, then it is advisable to contact a Toro dealership, especially if the machine is still under warranty.

Toro Electric Start Snowblower

Most Toro snowblowers either come with or have the option have an electric start system fitted to the snowblower. The alternative is normally a pulley system, which can sometimes be quite strenuous, and can also be quite difficult to use.

Electric starts much easier, and are becoming standard on most snowblowers. They are normally self powered, and do not require a cable, as opposed to electric snowblowers themselves, that are generally powered by an electric cable.

There are some electric snowblowers that have a self charging battery, which can run for several hours once charged. These are becoming more popular and are likely to increase in availability and market share in the coming months and years

Toro 421 Snowblower

Toro  s200 Snowblower

Toro 3521 Snowblower

Toro Snowblower Carburetor / Oil

Keeping a Toro snowblower running safely and properly necessitates a degree of basic maintenance, which normally involve checking items such as the oil and carburettor. Most users like to check that the snowblower is working efficiently prior to winter coming, so any problems can be resolved before it is needed to be used.

The manual for the snowblower will give instructions as to how often the machine needs to be serviced and maintained, and any routine changes that should be made over any period of time.

If the parts are needed for the carburettor, or a specific type of oil is needed, then the snow blower manual will advise this as well.

In addition, there are a number of websites that detail snowblower parts and accessories, and will have a wide range of both new and aftermarket parts available.

Below are a list of the most current Toro snowblowers available, with links to a more detailed product review when one is available.

Power Shovel

1800 power curve

21 inch Power Clear  e2160v battery snow blower

21 inch Power Clear

Power Clear 518Zr

Power Clear 518 ZE

Power Clear 721 R

Power Clear 721 E

Power Clear 721 R-C

Power Clear 821 R-C

Power Clear 721 QZE

SnowMaster 724 ZXR

Snowmaster 724 QXE

Snowmaster 824 QXE

Power Max 824 QE

Power Max 824 QE

Power Max 826 OAE

Power Max HD 928  OAE

Power Max HD 1028

Power Max HD 1232

Power Max HD 1428 CHXE

Power Max HD 1432 OHXE

Power Max HD1028 CHXE

Power Max 1028 OHXE

PUC Hour Meter