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  • Iowa Corn Predictions Lowered

    Bloomberg is reporting that estimates for the production of the corn crop in Iowa have been reduced downwards. This follows abnormally dry conditions that have led to a drought in many parts of Iowa, coupled with extremely hot and humid temperatures throughout the state. Whilst conditions aren’t as severe as in other parts of the […]

  • Price of Corn, Soybeans and Wheat to rise

    Bloomberg is reporting that the price of corn and soybeans is rising steeply on the expectation that there will be a reduction in the overall yield of these crops, owing to dry hot weather in the US MIdWest . The Professional Farmers Association of America recently undertook a four day study of fields in the […]

  • British farmland prices rises to record level

    Bloomberg is reporting that the value of farmland in the UK is rising to record levels as farmers increase production to take advantage of rising livestock and wheat prices.   This follows a report by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors that says land prices have effectively doubled in the last five years, and that […]