MTD Snowblower

MTD Snowblower

MTD snowblowers come as two different types of machine,  a single stage snow thrower and a two-stage snow thrower. The terms snowblower and snow thrower used interchangeably, and it is probably worth distinguishing what they mean.

An MTD single stage snowblower is a relatively light machine, that is used to clear snow that is probably between 3 to 9 inches, and which could be considered a relatively modest snowfall. It works very simply by having a spinning auger that sucks in the snow to the machine, and then discharges it through a chute onto ground away from the snowfall.

Am MTD two-stage snowblower is a more heavyweight machine. It is intended where there is a much more intense degree of snow, and possibly ice as well. It works slightly differently to the single stage snowblower, in that it has a more intense auger, which not only sucks in the snow, but also breaks up large chunks of it, as well as chunks of ice, and then discharges it through the chute.

MTD Parts – see here

Technically, an  MTD snowblower is a single stage snowblower, whilst a snow thrower is a two-stage snowblower, although most people use the term snowblower to cover both machines.

These are some of the most common MTD snowblowers currently available.

MTD single stage snowblower

MTD 31A-2M1E706 Single-Stage Snow Thrower

MTD Pro 31AS2S1C795 Single-Stage Snow Thrower

MTD two stage SnowBlower

MTD 31A-63BD706 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

MTD Pro 31AM66FG795 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

MTD 31A-32AD706 Two-Stage Compact Snow Thrower

MTD Snowblower Parts

MTD snowblower and snow thrower parts and accessories are an important consideration when deciding which snow blower to buy. Whilst a new snowblower will come with a guarantee, if buying a used or second hand one, then availability and cost of parts is something that needs to be considered.

Parts and accessories can improve the experience of using an MTD snowblower, and there are many things that can be easily improvised at a reasonable cost. Some of the more common accessories on listed below.

Heavy duty snowblower cover

Snow blower tire chains

Heated hand grip Kit

LED light bar kit

Shear pin kit

Universal Snow Cab

Drift cutter kit

Slide shoes

Chute clean out tool and mounting bracket

Siphon pump

MTD Snowblower Manual and Parts Diagram

An MTD snowblower manual is a document that is a really good resource, and can be used extensively both as a point of reference and as a learning tool for using an MTD snowblower effectively and safely.

New snowblowers will come with a manual, and can also be downloaded from the MTD website. Older models, or usedor second hand models may also be available via the website depending upon their age, or there are other websites which will carry them such as manuals online.

They may also be available on sites such as eBay or Amazon. If someone is having real difficulty locating a manual, it is a good idea to post a message on one of the many snowblower forums, someone is more than likely to be able to help.

An MTD snowblowers manual is likely to have a number of sections. These will cover safe operating practices, how to assemble your snowblower if necessary, how to operate the snowblower and make adjustments. They should also be sections on maintenance, troubleshooting, accessories and kits and a parts list.

There should also be advice on how to store the snowblower when it is not being used which is a particularly important safety issue, and can be a real fire hazard if not done properly.

MTD Yard Machine Snowblower

An MTD Yard machine snowblower is called this simply so that people realise it is primarily intended for domestic use in homes and small landholdings. These machines can come either as single stage Snow throwers or two-stage snow throwers. The intent is to focus on snowblowers which are affordable for home and yard use.

Yard Machines 31AS2S1E700 Single-Stage Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 31A-2M1E700 Single-Stage Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 31A-2M1E752 Single-Stage Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 31AM63FF752 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 31A-63BD700 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 31AS63EE700 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 26″ 31AS63EF729 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 31A-32AD752 Two-Stage Compact Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 31AS63EF700 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Yard Machines 31AS63EE752 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

MTD Snowblower Carburetor / Repairs

An effective  carburettor is at the heart of a really efficient snowblower.

Many people consider it a good idea to replace a carburettor fairly regularly, even if there is nothing noticeably wrong with the old one.

They are relatively cheap, there are a number of brands to choose from, and a new one can make a significant difference to the overall feel and power of the chosen MTD  snowblower.