Kubota Tractor Guide

Kubota have a wide range of different types of tractor that they classify by types of use, ie rural lifestyle tractors, agricultural and utility tractors, professional turf and landscape tractors and construction type tractors.

Although they are classified by different types of use, the make and models, tend to overlap because the tractors are actually really versatile and can be used for different purposes.

Kubota tractors – an overview

Kubota BX series

The BX range of tractors by kubota is a series of sub compact tractors by kubota that have four tractors in it.

They are the Kubota BX 1860, the BX2360, the BX 2660 and the BX 25.

They have a range of features that make them very special tractors. The BX series of tractors by kubota all come with a range of kubota diesel engines, ranging from 18hp through to 25.5 hp. they are all 3 cylinder engines.

All the BX series of tractors by kubota also come with hydrostatic power steering, which is really important for sub compact tractors especially in terms of maneuverability and safety.

The inner cabin of all these tractors is also really well designed for safety and comfort and have high back reclining seats. The BX series of tractors by kubota also have reverse air flow radiators and bright halogen headlights.

Kubota B series

The B series of tractors by kubota is in a sense the next step up, but in fact this range of tractors are incredibly versatile and useful. They are

Kubota B 2630/3030

Kubota B300CAB

Kubota B2320/B2620/B2920

Kubota B3200

Kubota B3300SU

They are all 4 wd tractors and have diesel engines, with a range of 18 / 32 hp size engines.

Kubota TLB Tractors

The TLB range of tractors by kubota are a series of big tractors designed for loading, backhoe work and more industrial type applications. There are four models

Kubota B26

Kubota L39

Kubota L45

Kubota M59

These all have a range of kubota diesel engines, going from 21/59 hp.

All the TLB series of tractors by kubota have extremely tough and dependable engines, which mean they should start in all weather conditions and be reliable for many years, whatever their usage.

The TLB range of tractors by kubota all have a slanted boom and hood design, an integrated main frame, are four wheel drive and have spark arrestors fixed under the hood.

Kubota L series

The L series range of tractors by kubota are designed for heavy industrial use and are very very rugged. There are four models.

Kubota Grand L40

Kubota L2800/L3400/L4400

Kubota L3200/L3800

Kubota L3700SU

They come with kubota diesel engines ranging from 30/59 hp

and finally …….

Kubota M series

These tractors by kubota are their really big ones and designed for the heaviest and most industrial of jobs. They are

Kubota special utility 43/68hp

Kubota Deluxe utility 52/95 hp

Kubota mid size ag 95/135hp

Kubota special ag 62/108hp