John Deere LA145 Parts – New and Aftermarket

The John Deere LA145 is an L105 series lawn tractor, first produced in about 2008, and in production for 2 / 3 years after.

It has a 22 hp Briggs and Stratton  2 cylinder gasoline engine, with a power output of 655cc, and a fuel capacity of about 4 gallons. It has belt driven hydrostatic transmission, with infinite forward and reverse gears.

It has wheelbase of about 49 inches, a width of about 60 inches, a height of about 45 inches a length of about 69 inches and weighs about 520 lbs. It is 2 wheel drive, with manual steering and an open seater cab.


The LA145 can work with a number of attachments. The main ones are a 48 inch mower deck, with an overall width of 60 inches and a cutting height of between 1 and 4 inches. A 46 inches front mounted blade and  a 43/44 inch dual stage snowblower.

John Deere LA145 Parts and Diagrams

Spare parts can be needed at any point in the life-cycle of the LA145. This can either be because of routine servicing and maintenance, or because of some fault with the mower itself. There are basically four types of parts that can be acquired – used, replacement, new and aftermarket.

Used parts – these are normally parts that are taken from a mower that is normally destined to be scrapped, but where certain parts of it may still work. They will be cheaper than new parts, but obviously carry the risk of not being as reliable.

New parts – this is a general term that can refer to either manufactures parts, aftermarket parts or simply replacement parts. Manufacturers parts obviously the most desirable given that they will be made specifically with the LA145 in mind, but are also probably the most expensive option. If the mower is still under warranty, then it will most likely be a condition of the warranty that manufacturers parts have to be used.

Aftermarket parts – this refers to parts that are new but made by another manufacturer other than John Deere. They should perform in exactly the same way, but should also be considerably cheaper. They can normally be bought online from a number of different retailers.

Replacement parts – this can refer to any of the above, where a part of the lawn tractor needs to be replaced, for whatever reason. It is normally used in the context of trying to get hold of new or aftermarket parts, either directly from the manufacturer or another similar company.

Below are a list of the most common parts of a John Deere LA145 that customers need to replace, along with the part number where known

John Deere LA145 Mower Deck Parts Diagram and Drive Belt

  • Mower Deck, 48 inch, Attachment – ST722085
    Mower Deck Lift Linkage – ST163999
    Mower Deck – ST164000
    Mower Drive Belt, Sheaves, Spindles and Blades – ST164001
    Debris Blowout Kit – ST245318
    Mulch Cover Kit ( – 200000) – ST164002

John Deere LA145 Steering Parts and Diagram

  • Bushing – GX21791
    Axle – GY20778BLE
    Universal Driveshaft – GX20059
    Steering Wheel – GY20936 and GY22528
    Plate – GX23276BLE
    Gear – GX20053 and GX 21924BLE
    Spindle – GY20790BLE

John Deere LA145 Wheel Parts and Diagram

  • Tire Valve Stem – AM30795
  • Tire – M123810
  • Rim – GY20638
  • Inner Tube – M866629

John Deere LA145 Hydraulic Pump, Carburetor , Engine Parts and Diagrams

  • Crankshaft and piston – ST245433
  • Cylinder block and dipstick – ST245432
  • Cylinder head – ST245434
  • Engine gasket kit – ST245435
  • Engine shrouds – ST245436
  • Muffler and heat shield – ST245441
  • Air filter and fuel pump – ST245445
  • Carburettor – ST348272
  • Fuel tank – ST164047

John Deere La145 Snowblower Attachment Parts

  • Auger, Snowblower, 44 inch – ST163937
    Chute and Deflector Control – ST163936
    Drift Blade – ST163940
    Frame, Snowblower, 44 inch – ST163933
    Housing – ST163935

John Deere Parts LA145 parts list and catalog –

– breakdown of all other parts that may be needed

  • Engine GU26051, GU20938, GU20939
  • Fuel and air
  • Steering and brakes
  • Wheels, frame and operators station
  • Mower deck and lift linkage
  • Electrical
  • Powertrain
  • Steering and brakes
  • Material collection system

John Deere LA145 parts manual and pdf copy

The operator and service manual for the John Deere LA145 is most easily accessed as a PDF document, and can be downloaded either from the main John Deere website, or from a number of other websites online, either as a free download or normally at a minimal cost

The manual is a crucial document in terms of advising both how to operate the LA145 lawn tractor in a safe and efficient way, and at the same time keeping its operating parts running smoothly and effectively as possible

The John Deere parts diagrams that are part of the manual are important in helping anyone to fit or repair a replacement part, either as part of a routine service, or because the part has become defective.

The John Deere LA145 PDF manual has a number of sections, which would normally cover the following areas of operation and servicing

  • Safety operations
    Specifications of the LA145 lawn / garden mower
    Instrument panel
    Operating engine
    Mount and dismount machine safely
    Starting the engine
    Throttle lever
    Key switch
    Check during operation
    Fuel gauge
    Hour meter
    Cold weather starting
    Warming up
    Jump starting
    Stopping the engine
    Mower mounting
    Mounting the mower deck
    Adjusting the mower
    Dismounting the mower deck
    Operating the mower
    Operators seat
    Light switch
    Mower lift pedal
    Throttle lever
    Parking brake lever
    Motion control lever
    Hydrostatic transaxle bypass rods
    Operating mower
    Adjusting cutting height
    Operating mower – PTO switch
    Operating mower – starting
    Tires and wheels
    Tires – inflation pressure
    Wheels – remove and install front caster wheels
    Maintenance – service intervals
    Maintenance – lubricants and fuel
    Periodic service – daily checks, 25 hour checks
    50 hour checks, 100 hour checks
    200 hour checks
    400 hour checks
    500 hour checks
    One year checks
    Two year checks
    Adjustment – motion control lever
    Adjustment – mower deck level
    General torque specification