Honda Snowblower

Honda Snowblower

Honda make a number of snowblowers, and bring a vast level of experience in different types of power equipment to both design and effectiveness of single stage and two stage snowblowers. Honda snowblowers have 4 stroke engines, hydrostatic transmission, track drive, ice breaking serrated augers, and commercial grade components.

Before deciding which Honda snowblower to choose, there are a number of factors to take into account to make sure you choose the right type of snowblower. Firstly, it is important to know what type of surface needs to be cleared of snow. Different types of snowblower work better on concrete, asphalt or different types of rough surfaces.

It is also important to know the size of the area that needs to be cleared, in addition to the type and frequency of snowfall. It is normally fairly possible to gauge both of these factors based on past experience, or local common knowledge.

The other important decision to make is whether to buy a Honda single stage snowblower, or a Honda two stage snowblower. Generally speaking, a single stage snowblower is used where the snow is thinner, spread more evenly and should be easier to clear. A single stage snowblower uses a rotating auger, which draws in the snow and simply dispenses through a upward chute away from the snow being cleared.

A two-stage snowblower is normally used where the snow is thicker, more compact and requires a more powerful machine. The main difference in a two-stage snowblower is that not only does it draw the snow into machine, it can then break it down into much smaller chunks, and it uses a fan like  device to reject the snow at a much greater distance than a single stage snowblower can.

Honda single stage snowblowers

Honda HS720AM

Honda HS720AA

Honda HS720AS

Honda two stage snowblowers

Honda HSS724AT / HSS724ATD

Honda HSS724AW / HSS724AWD

Honda HSS928AT / HSS928ATD

Honda HSS928AW / HSS928AWD

Honda HSS1332AT / HSS1332ATD

Honda HSM1336i

Honda Snowblower Parts

Knowing the cost and availability of parts and accessories can be an important factor when deciding which Honda snowblower to buy. All new Honda snowblowers are built and serviced with a warranty, so the issue of parts is more relevant to people who have a long-term usage of machine, or people who buy a second-hand or used one.

There are a number of accessories available for a Honda snowblower, which can make the experience of using one both more enjoyable, safer and more effective. Some of the more common tricks and parts listed below.

Chute Duide Handle

Cold Weather Cabs


Auger Skid Shoe Kit

Drift Breaker Cab

Worklight Kit

Honda Snowblower Dealers

Most Honda Dealers  sell and service Honda power equipment, including Honda snowblowers. Finding a dealer is relatively easy, either by using the main Honda website and going to dealer locator, using local Yellow Pages, a local phone book or simply an Internet search using your location as the fixed point.

A good Honda dealer should be willing to offer both sales and service, some may also offer a rental service and some may have special finance deals available, either on the snowblower itself or on a combination of snowblower and other power equipment.

Honda HS 35 Snowblower

The Honda HS 35 snowblower is one of Honda’s most popular models, and there are a significant number of them available, both used and second-hand. Manuals can be found on various websites such as manuals online, or eBay or Amazon. Information and help can also be sought on any of the snowblower discussion forums.

When using any  relatively old snowblower, it is important to check that the safety shields and mechanisms that are available on current models are also in place on any previous one.

Honda Track Snowblower

Honda snowblowers  use what is called track drive, which are essentially a series of rubber tracks, which according to Honda provide solid traction and perfect balance. The benefit of using a track drive system is that it balances the weight of the snow blower against the weight of the snow on the ground, and means that it is possible to use the rotating auger to effectively measure the traction of the snowblower.

This can make a significant difference when clearing snow off areas of grounds that have a stone base, such as driveways and sidewalks.