Craftsman Snowblower

Craftsman Snowblower

Craftsmen make a range of snow blowers, that  are virtually all electric start, and either one stage or two-stage snow throwers or snowblowers. A one stage snowblower is meant for clearing areas of land that have had a relatively mild snowfall, sometimes estimated up to 7 or 8 inches, and where the snow is considered light or mushy.

A two-stage snowblower is a more powerful machine, and is designed to not only draw in snow through the auger, but also to break it up into smaller chunks, if it is hardened or frozen. Most two-stage snowblowers also have a more powerful ejector mechanism to throw out the snow through a elevated chute.

Both one stage and two-stage Craftsman snowblowers can be used in a variety of settings, ranging from domestic to smallholdings. When deciding which one to buy, it is important to assess what type of  land or ground the snowblower is going to be used on. It is also important to consider the type of snow that usually falls, its volume and its frequency.

A craftsman snowblower that has an electric start should eliminate the hassle of a cold engine start, which anyone familiar with any type of engine driven machine would appreciate. It has a self propelled drive that has six forward and two reverse speeds, that make handling and control significantly easier than some of the types of snowblower.

Most types of craftsmen snowblower have a significantly enhanced chute, that is really important in being able to eliminate the snow on the ground where it has been cleared. They also normally have an in dash headlight, that allows the operator to see what is going on, in what is likely to be poor visibility, or conditions where there is no visibility at all, which is usual in snowy weather.

All these factors determine whether a one or two stage snowblower is best, and will allow the individual a good degree of guidance on how best to use it.

Below are listed a number of craftsmen snowblowers, both one stage, two stage and electric or manual start.

Craftsman 26 in Electric start two stage snowblower

Craftsman 28 inch electric start three stage snowblower

Craftsman 26 inch electric start track drive snowblower

Craftsman 30 inch electric start to stage snowblower

Craftsman 28 inch electric start to stage snow blower

Craftsman 24 inch electric start to stage snowblower

Craftsman 21 inch electric start single stage snowblower

Craftsman 21 inch 123 cc electric start single stage snowblower

Craftsman 21 inch 123 single stage snowblower

Craftsman Snowblower Parts

Before buying any snowblower, it is a good idea to check out the availability and price of spare parts, and what range of accessories is available. The issue of parts is less important if the Craftsman snowblower is new, as it will be covered under a warranty. Long-term usage will probably necessitate some spares,  although craftsmen have a strong reputation for reliability and long-term durability of their snow blowers.

The most common craftsman snowblower parts that people buy are listed below, and are available from a wide range of sources, both online and in many department stores.

Chute assembly


sprocket assembly

bearing retainer

clutch bearing

snowblower shear bolt kit

Fiber washer

flat washer eight pack

guide deflecter

upper handle

shiftr shaft

Keps nut

Drive chain link

chain assembly


Snowblower flanged bearings

Craftsman Snowblower Manual

A manual is fairly essential, and they are widely available both from Craftsmen, department stores such as Sears and various websites online. As with all snowblower manuals there is a opening section on safe operating of the snowblower, which should be carefully read and always adhered to. This normally covers training, preparation, operation and guidance for maintenance and storage.

The manual will have a number of sections after the rules for safe operation. These normally relate to the assembly of the snowblower, its operation, recommendations as to how often and what type of service should be carried out on it, the responsibilities of the owner of the snowblower and a significant amount of information on how to adjust the various parts of the snowblower such as the auger, the belt and the cable adjustment.

There should also be sections on safe storage, a troubleshooting chart, repair parts, a parts ordering service and how to order repair parts.

In the unlikely event that a customer is not able to get hold of a snowblower manual for that specific model, which may be the case on some older models, then a manual for a current one stage or two-stage manual will probably have sufficient information to allow the individual to deal with whatever query they may have.

Craftsman Snowblower Attachment

Craftsman make a number of attachments that can be fitted to most of their snowblowers, which are listed below. In addition, many snowblower manufacturers make similar attachments which can probably be used with most Craftsmen snowblowers. Before using any attachment from a different manufacturer, it is probably worth checking that you are not in breach of the Craftsman warranty if you do so.

Craftsman 24837 12 inch dual stage snowblower attachment

Craftsmen 24441 42 inch snow blade attachment

craftsman 24414 16 inch  high snow and dozer blade

Craftsman 24 Snowblower

This normally refers to a 24 inch, 208 mL electric start two stage snowblower, one of the best selling of the craftsman snowblower range, and one of its most popular.

It has a 208 mL engine, a pushbutton electric start mechanism, a serrated steel auger that is able to cut through impacted snow with an impressive speed, a self-propelled drive consisting of six forward and two reverse speeds, and the ability to control the flow of the snow through the dispersal chute, with 180 degree rotation. It also has 13 inch tires, which offer an exceptional level of traction on slippery surfaces and conditions.

Some people describe the machine as a bit heavy, but even so is easy to navigate and use.